Oct 06, 2017 · Key stretching of SHA-2 hashes, particularly SHA-256, is vulnerable to transferable state attacks that can reduce the effectiveness of stretching by 80% or more. Such an attack exists against

Secure Hash Algorithms - Wikipedia 10 rows web application - How secure are sha256 + salt hashes for In the above mentioned question, you will learn why general purpose hash functions like sha256 do not have the right properties to ensure a secure storage of passwords (even when applied a large number of times on itself), and you will also find a ranking of the most-recommended hash functions dedicated for secure passwords handling:

Secure Hash Standard (SHS)

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MySQL 5.6 added support for the sha256_password authentication plugin, and MySQL 8.0 also added support for the caching_sha2_password authentication plugin.. The caching_sha2_password plugin is now the default authentication plugin in MySQL 8.0.4 and above, based on the value of the default_authentication_plugin system variable.. Support in MariaDB Server