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Can you play Team Fortress 2 on ps4? At this moment TF 2 is not available on Play Station 4. But don’t worry - you can play this game on your smart TV or on mobile using Vortex Clod Gaming for only $9,99. Is TF2 free to play? Team Fortress 2 online is a free-to-play game. No strings attached. Team Fortress 2 We are honoring Rick during the month of May with an in-game Soldier statue that will play some of Rick’s signature lines. He will be missed by the Team Fortress dev team and community, and remembered for the indelible character he helped bring to life for so many years. Merry Smissmas, Everyone! December 16, 2019 - TF2 Team. Team Fortress 2 - Download Team Fortress 2 is a free online competitive multiplayer first person shooter (FPS), defined by it's great range of character classes, and excellently balanced gameplay.. With its cartoon style graphics, Team Fortress 2 looks good for a three year old game. These visuals have another great advantage over more realistic styles - you can see very clearly what's going on, and other players don't