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DD-WRT (build 37495M) - Info

DD-WRT是一個基於Linux的無線路由固件,以GNU通用公共許可證(GPL)V2授權發布。. DD-WRT提供了許多一般路由器固件所沒有的功能,例如支持XLink Kai遊戲協議、基於守護進程的服務、IPv6、無線分布式系統(無線網橋和無線中繼)、RADIUS、先進服務質量控制、無線輸出功率控制、超頻能力,以及SD卡的硬件 DD-WRT Netgear WNDR3700 LAN MAC WAN MAC WAN IP. dd-wrt 1 (2412 MHz) 19 dBm Auto WRT-radauth WRT-rflow MAC-upd CIFS. JFFS2. SNR; DD-WRT: : 01:32:34 im trying to debrick it using tftp but it never seems to work. im using a windows 10 pc with the nic set on static ip then i hold the reset button and power on the router and nothing happens. i have tried multiple tftp server nothing is working. DD-WRT is a Linux-based firmware project developed to enhance the performance and features of wireless Internet routers. Launched in 2005, DD-WRT is one of the most popular alternative router firmwares due to its longevity of existence and support for a large array of devices.

GitHub - bthaase/DDWarden: NodeJS-based netflow collector

Difference between DD-WRT BrainSlayer, Eko, Fractal, and Aug 21, 2013 How to Manage QoS in DD-WRT - FlashRouters FAQ Mar 05, 2015 GitHub - bthaase/DDWarden: NodeJS-based netflow collector It acts as an RFlow and MACupd collector for use with DD-WRT Routers to gather information about network traffic between your local devices and the WAN interface. The vast majority of the netflow data is discarded, as this tool is only intended to give you a traffic breakdown per device, over a given timeframe. All Things DDWRT