Excellent topic! The advertising on BT Yahoo Mail drags my computer down to a crawl. It drives me bonkers, waiting for simple actions to take effect, all because the adverts take priority over anything I want to do. The volume of advertising is colossal. There is a constant stream of junk onto the screen.

Remove ads in AOL Mail - AOL Help 4. Click Get Ad-Free AOL Mail. 5. Enter your billing information. 6. Click Sign Up Now. An Ad-Free AOL Mail subscription is only effective for the username under which it was purchased. If other usernames on the account would also like the Ad-Free AOL Mail experience, they can purchase a separate subscription for that username. How to Disable or Remove Annoying Ads from Yahoo How to Disable or Remove Annoying Ads from Yahoo! Messenger? DISCLAIMER: We do not recommend disabling advertisements from 3rd party software. This tutorial was created as per readers requests. If you are visiting this place that means you are one of those people who are tired of annoying Yahoo! Messenger ads and want to get rid of them. How do I get rid of the Sponsored Ad at - Yahoo Answers Aug 29, 2013

https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/yahoomailhideadpanel/. Just download the above mentioned add-on in your firefox browser. This will not only remove Sponsored Ads but also hides the Ads panel in the right side of Yahoo mail. Happy Browsing Ad-free Yahoo Mail.

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