DNS Traffic Management using the BIG-IP LTM

Basic DNS Load Balancing. Standard DNS provides a basic load balancing capability - round robin DNS. The DNS changes the order of the records each time it responds to a request and the clients select the first record on the list of valid answers. This provides a basic load balancing function but is lacking in several important respects. How To Configure DNS Round-Robin Load-Balancing For High Feb 20, 2014 Configure DNS for RD Connection Broker Load Balancing To load balance sessions in an RD Session Host server farm, you can use the RD Connection Broker Load Balancing feature together with Domain Name System (DNS) round robin. To configure DNS, you must create a DNS host resource record for each RD Session Host server in the farm that maps the RD Session Host server’s IP address to the RD Session

Load balancer: Citrix NetScaler

Last but not least: network load balancing any AD service (LDAP, LDAPS, DNS, etc.) is not formally supported by Microsoft for the reasons discussed above: the load balancing for the AD services is supposed to be done by the client. If you absolutely need a load balanced LDAP solution and have it supported, consider LDS. See also Load balance DNS servers - Citrix Docs Jan 06, 2019 Load Balancing | Google Cloud

The Ratio load balancing method distributes DNS name resolution requests among the virtual servers in a pool or among pools in a multiple pool configuration using weighted round robin, a load balancing pattern in which requests are distributed among several resources based on a …

Cloudflare Load Balancing provides DNS-based load balancing and active health checks against origin web servers and pools. When enabled, Cloudflare Load Balancing is billed at the account level. In addition to the monthly subscription, we will count the number of DNS requests ("queries") for each configured Load Balancer, per month.